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Health care should not bankrupt people. Especially not when you have insurance. Patients should not jump through so many administrative hoops to get the care they need. In my newsletter, I investigate why US health care is so expensive and how technology can help transform the broken system.

In my newsletter, I occasionally include my own experiences building a business in this space.

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My name is Jan-Felix, and I am the co-founder of Arlo - a health insurance technology company. Before starting Arlo, I spent 3.5 years at Palantir in New York City as a Deployment Strategist working with clients in health care, aviation, and the telecom industry.

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I work as a Data Project Manager at Palantir in New York City. I have a passion for innovation, data and health care and would like to share some of my research in problems & upcoming solutions in US health care. Twitter: @jfschneidr